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Wedding VideoW hat is an heirloom?
A valuable family treasure passed on to your children.
What is the ultimate heirloom?
A wedding video..
when produced by us


Professional Digital Video Productions

We customize every video we produce. Our video-journalism style creates a video that captures your highlights rather than a long, boring documentary. After the day is over and all of the guests have gone home, you'll have a treasure that captures everything that went into making your wedding day memorable; the dress, the flowers, the decorations and, most importantly, the vows. You'll see everyone who was there to celebrate with you.

Jay R. Wren, the owner of Wren Video Services, has videotaped hundreds of brides since 1983! Jay takes pride in each and every wedding and will closely work with you from beginning to end. No mystery videographers, stringers, or "associates" will show up on your wedding day. Jay will personally see to it that your video reflects your personal style and flair. You want the owner of the company with years of experience to video your wedding, not an "associate," stringer or part-time person.

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Our Equipment - Because cameras and editing systems are the tools of our trade, we use only "top-of-the-line" professional cameras and editing equipment. From our 3-chip, Digital DVCAM low-light, high resolution cameras to our non-linear edit system, your video will be of the highest quality possible. 

Of course, it's the person behind the cameras and equipment that is most important when selecting a videographer. State-of-the-art equipment makes no difference unless the person using it is professional and experienced!

You will never look more stunning than when you step into your wedding gown.  And yet you will only wear this beautiful gown a few hours in your lifetime.

These hours deserve - no, demand - that they be videotaped.  And if you entrust these precious hours to a professional wedding videographer you have captured those memories forever!  Not just the images of you in your gown, but....

wed2.jpg (6496 bytes)the way you moved in it,
the way you sounded,
the way you danced in it,
the way you walked up the isle in it, the way your family...friends...and your husband reacted when they saw you in your gown..

If ever a single moment of your life is worth preserving, this is the one. And it deserves to be preserved in its entirety...all the sights and all the sounds.   Photography can't do it alone.  You need the almost magical artistry of a professional wedding videographer to do this moment justice.

That is what Wren Video Services can do for you: elevate your wedding video into an artistic and exciting history of your major life event.  This video is sure to become a family heirloom, something to share with children and friends down through the ages.

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Call us to arrange a time to view our Video Demonstration.
Let us show you how to transform
an ordinary wedding video into a spectacular video.

Your Wedding Planning Just Got Easier!

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Your wedding gown may be worn just once,

but you can remember it forever if you call us. 

The key to a wonderful wedding video is artistry. 

We'd love to show you what we've done for other brides. 



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