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 What a great way to make your 
family photos come alive!

Friends and Family are gathered.  
You put this very special tape into your VCR. 
Watch what happens
It's magic!

Everyone is smiling...and laughing...and crying. Hearts are pounding.  The room is united.  Good feelings abound.  This is life at its best.  Your photographs have never looked more spectacular.  Let us take those photographs stuffed in a drawer or old scrapbook somewhere.  Organize them into a theme and we'll put them onto video.  We'll add music of your choice.  We'll use dynamic effects to dissolve one picture into another... or "swoosh" across the screen.  This is more than a slide show.  It's an emotion-packed work of art starring you, your family, and friends.  

When should you give a PhotoVideo Montage?

  • Anniversaries

  • Christmas

  • Mother's Day

  • Graduations

  • Birthdays

  • Funerals

  • Valentine's Day

  • Father's Day

  • and more!!!

PhotoVideo Montages are THE perfect way to recap soccer, baseball, football and any little league season!  The possibilities are endless.  Let us record the beauty of your life's most cherished memories with a professionally produced PhotoVideo Montage. 

The perfect gift!

How often you have agonized over finding the perfect gift for someone?  The Photo Montage is the answer.  Give them as Christmas & birthday presents.  Impress your sweetheart with a tender Photo Montage for Valentine's Day.  Imagine how your Mom will react on Mother's Day when you present her with a PhotoVideo Montage featuring her children (and grandchildren) through the years.  She'll love it!  Don't forget about Dad on Father's Day.

Give a gift people really want!  
Call us today for YOUR Photo Montage.  

The perfect gift for the people you love.  The perfect gift for you!

There's something about PhotoVideo Montages people love.  Let us create a video memory using your own family photographs and video clips. 


A Tribute of Love

The loss of loved ones is never easy.  They meant so much to us.  More and more families are turning to the PhotoVideo Montage as a meaningful way  to pay tribute to their loved ones.  Collect your photos and showcase their achievements.  Give your friends, family, and acquaintances a tender look at the life of a special person.  What a beautiful expression of love!  PhotoVideo Montages can be played during visitation, memorial services, and at gatherings in the church halls and homes following the service.  It depends on your customs, your wishes.  You will treasure a "Tribute of Love" forever.  


How to create a Photo Montage

  1. Gather up your photographs.  Organize them around a theme.  Group them together by person...or chronologically...or in some way that makes sense to you.  Number the photos on the back of the order you want them seen. 

  2. Select music with special meaning to you or the person receiving the Photo Montage. 

  3. Bring them into Wren Video Services.  We'll transform them into a family heirloom by creating a PhotoVideo Montage you'll cherish down through the ages and for generations to come...

PhotoVideo Prices

A Tribute of Love is affordable ....and yet so priceless...



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