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  • Professional broadcast quality, Digital DVCAM Cameras (with backup).   This state-of-the-art equipment assures you of a quality so high that it's almost like watching a movie.

  • In-studio editing...not in-camera editing.  This gives you more special effects options.  Your finished video becomes dynamic and polished.   People will love watching it!

  • Wireless remote microphones.  Echoes are minimized.  Your voices are clear.  Your vows will sound just as you spoke them.

  • Pre-wedding consultation...to go over every detail of your wedding.  We'll discuss what you are expecting and planning so there are no surprises for you or for us, on your wedding day.

  • Low-key presence.  We go about our job discretely, quietly...professionally...without distracting you or your guests.  Brides have told us how much they appreciated this.

  • Caring attitude.  We like what we do, and we care about your feelings on your wedding day.  The results show!  Our videos have feeling.  We listen to you!



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